Banned Book Bookmark.

Banned Book Bookmark.

Banned Books Week 2013 is September 22-28.  The Coralville Public Library likes to spend the entire month of September bringing attention to banned and challenged books and celebrating the freedom to read what we choose.  Highlighting banned books reminds us to appreciate and to demand the continued free expression of ideas and open access to information.

In the Library we have Banned Book Displays in Children’s, Young Adult’s [YA], and the Adult sections.  Even though the displays are covered with “Caution” tape, patrons are welcome, and encouraged, to check these books out!  They are not banned at the Coralville Public Library, but they have been banned, challenged (there was an attempt to ban), or even burned elsewhere by people who had problems with the content.

This year we are asking for patron comments on challenged and banned books.  We have placed bookmarks in banned books, with space available for comments, and are asking patrons to return the bookmarks with the books.  If you know you are reading a banned book and it doesn’t have a bookmark, comment here or on our Facebook page.  You can also print the Banned Book Bookmark on the left and place it into the book when you return it to the library.

During Banned Books week (September 22-28) the Library will have a live display.  We are asking people from the community to sign up to sit in our display and read a banned book (silently to themselves) for a half an hour.  There will be many banned or challenged books in the display for participants to choose from, or they can bring their own banned book.  Sign up will be at the circulation desk if you would like to participate.


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