The end of banned books week


Banned Books Week (or Banned Books Month, as it is at the Coralville Public Library) is ending, but that doesn’t mean you should stop reading or being aware of banned and challenged books. Books are challenged and banned in the US, and around the world, throughout the year. The point of this week is to encourage people to be aware of this and to take notice when it happens. The next time you hear of a book being removed from a high school reading list because it mentions sex, taken from an elementary school’s shelves because the main characters parent’s are gay, or challenged in the public library because it has swear words, pick up the book yourself and read it. Make your own choice, for yourself and your children, as to whether it is appropriate or not. Celebrate the freedom to read.

Until next September.
Sara Pitcher
Web Resources Assistant at the Coralville Public Library


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