npr books: Banned Romance

FiftyShadesOfGreyBanned Romance: What’s so bad about happily after after?
by Maya Rodale
September 22, 2013

As Banned Books Week begins, it’s a good time to examine one genre that frequently falls afoul of censors: romance.

When it comes to books banned for obscenity, it’s easy to assume that just the naughty bits are getting people all hot and bothered. But what if there’s a more subversive threat lurking within the pages of sexually-explicit novels? From Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure to Lady Chatterley’s Lover — and even modern day romance novels — there’s a long tradition of books starring sexually adventurous heroines who are rewarded with a happy ending. There’s also an equally long tradition of either banning such books outright or dismissing them completely. Compare that to many other heroines of classic, required-reading novels who dally with love only to die in the end: Juliet, Anna Karenina, Clarissa, Madame Bovary. What’s the problem with heroines who love and live happily-ever-after?…

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